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Drinking Water Test Kit

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Safe Home® is a brand that was born from the passion of one family, dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of home environments for over 40 years. Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (ELI) is our parent company and is based in Madison, IN, USA. ELI is an EPA-certified testing laboratory and is proud to have an entire Division (EnviroTestKits®) focused on keeping families and their pets safe. We have been committed to providing accurate, affordable, and accessible testing options since our inception. Our family-owned business, which consists of more than 40 dedicated employees, has been carrying forward our core mission – to make a difference in people’s lives through science. Safe Home® Test Kits are built on a strong foundation of trust, guided by EPA-certified standards.

Making Home Environments Healthier & Safer for Everyone

Our Science. Your Peace of Mind® is a mantra Safe Home® truly believes in. Our goal is to ensure everyone can live healthier, safer lives in their own homes. We believe everyone deserves access to a home, free from harmful contaminants. Our products are designed with this goal in mind, so that you don’t have to worry about hidden contaminants in your living space. With Safe Home® Test Kits, you’ll be empowered with the information needed to protect your family. Many of our test kits have been vetted by 3rd-party laboratories such as – Good Housekeeping, Merck, American Red Cross, and Underwriter. Most DIY at-home test results are issued in seconds. Plus, your test results from our EPA-certified lab will be delivered when promised, or we will send you another kit just like it, at no cost to you.

Testing Options for Every Need

Drinking Water Test Kit

The best way to maintain a healthy home is to have the knowledge and tools you need to test your environment effectively. That’s why we offer an extensive range of “Do-It-Yourself” at-home testing products that cover an array of testing needs, including:

  • Drinking Water Test Kits
  • Pools & Spas Test Kits
  • Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kits
  • Lead Test Kits

Our testing options cater not only to individuals looking for reliable “at-home testing” but also to those who would like to send their samples from home to our EPA-certified facility for “in-lab testing.” We take pride in making sure, your family and home receive the care they deserve, no matter which testing option you choose.

  • Drinking Water Test Kits
  • Mold Test Kits
  • Radon Test Kits
  • Kits for Domestic Animals


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Donating to Non-Profits with Clean Environment Initiatives

Safe Home® Test Kits is committed to promoting the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants through sustainable environmental practices. We are dedicated to taking a hands-on approach to protecting the environment, from reducing our carbon footprint to sourcing materials responsibly. In addition, we strive to comply with all applicable local, regional, and international laws regarding environmental protection. Our commitment extends beyond what we do in our own facility and operations. We partner with several organizations dedicated to making the world a cleaner, greener place. This includes donating money to NPOs that are working towards clean environment initiatives such as safe water and more. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Safe Home® Test Kits. We look forward to helping you find the right testing options for your home’s environment.
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