My Pet Domestic Animals Water Quality Test Kit (Grand Champion) – (WE TEST AT-LAB)


Introducing the My Pet Domestic Animals Water Quality Test Kit – CHAMPION.

With certified in-lab testing, this supreme package thoroughly screens your pet’s water for 200 different parameters, ensuring their safety. Prompt identification of unsafe contamination levels allows for quick action. This deluxe package provides approximate values for 55 parameters, offering peace of mind. Don’t guess, TEST!® Is your pet’s water safe? Provide them with continuous access to clean water for a healthier, happier life. Safe Home test kits are designed for various freshwater sources, prioritizing the well-being of your beloved pets.

Lab Fee: Included in Purchase

Return Shipping: Included Free


  • Physical Properties x12 tests
  • Inorganics x7 tests
  • Metals x31 tests
  • Pesticides x20 tests
  • Volatile Organics x78 tests
  • THMs x5 tests
  • Volatile TICs x47 tests + 1 DIY Test for Coliform Bacteria
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 17.25 × 11.25 × 11.5 cm

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