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DIY Test Kits

With growing concerns about health & safety, having access to quick and easy testing is crucial. Many people find the task of testing complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Safe Home Test Kits desire to simplify this process by offering you a range of easy DIY “at-home” test kits for screening your home’s environment.

(Example Video – DIY Bacteria, At-Home Testing)


Collect Water

Follow the easy instructions provided in our videos to safely collect water samples for your DIY At-Home Bacteria test.

Prepare for At-Home Testing

Simply cap the vial and shake it vigorously for a few seconds. Then, place the vial on a flat surface to incubate. View Results


Get results as fast as 24 hours! Our color-indicating test results make it easy to know if you have the presence or absence of harmful coliform bacteria.

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In-Lab Test Kits

(Example Video – In-Lab Premium, In-Lab Testing)

Sometimes, more detailed information is required. In such cases, in-lab test kits with background quality controls are the way to go. With Safe Home’s in-lab test kits, you can receive the most accurate and in-depth test results available.


Collect Water Sample

Our videos will guide you through the entire process of collecting water samples from virtually any source.

Send to Laboratory

Follow the detailed instructions and ship your sample to us for processing.

View Results

Receive comprehensive results online in an easy-to-read format. Our experienced support team will explain all the data to you, helping you make better decisions.
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