Ensuring Home Safety: A Guide to Safe Home® Test Kits

Guide to Safe Home® Test Kits

In pursuing a safe and healthy home environment, understanding and monitoring the quality of various elements become paramount. Safe Home® offers a range of test kits designed to empower homeowners to ensure their living spaces’ safety proactively. From drinking water and lead to mold, radon, swimming pool water, and even water quality for your pets, Safe Home® provides a comprehensive suite of DIY testing solutions. This guide navigates through the diverse offerings, highlighting the importance of each test kit in safeguarding your home.

Safe Home® Drinking Water Test Kit: Your Key to Hydration Assurance

DIY At-Home Testing for Drinking Water Quality

Safe Home’s Drinking Water Test Kit serves as a fundamental tool for assessing the quality of your drinking water. Priced affordably, this kit enables homeowners to perform essential tests conveniently at home. It provides a holistic view of your water’s composition, from evaluating physical properties to identifying potential contaminants.

In-Lab Testing Options for Precision

Safe Home® offers in-lab testing services for those seeking a more in-depth analysis. This ensures a meticulous examination of your water sample at their EPA-certified lab, with results typically available within a specified timeframe. The flexibility of DIY at-home testing or the precision of in-lab services caters to varying preferences and needs.

Drinking Water Test Kit

Mold Test Kits: Uncover Home Contaminants with Confidence

Concerned about mold affecting your home and family’s health? The Mold Test Kit, priced at $14.95, empowers homeowners, contractors, and inspectors to detect and address mold issues confidently. The kit includes supplies for collecting up to 10 samples, ensuring a thorough inspection without unnecessary costs. Our accredited lab holds AIHA LAP, LLC accreditation in all 50 states, providing reliable results for home inspections, mortgages, and real estate transactions. Receive timely notifications throughout the testing process, ensuring peace of mind. For comprehensive insights, access a detailed, certified report online within 3-5 business days. Enjoy free professional support during and after testing, emphasizing our commitment to excellent service. With minimal lab fees, transparent costs, and optional rush services, Safe Home® makes mold testing affordable and accessible. Don’t compromise your family’s health—order the Premium Mold Test Kit today for reliable, accredited testing and a healthier living environment.

Mold Test Kit

Safe Home® Lead in Water Test Kit: Detecting a Silent Threat

Take control of your home’s safety with Safe Home‘s Lead Test Kits. Our at-home lead test swabs empower you to check solid surfaces such as paint, children’s toys, and furniture for lead contamination. Additionally, our at-home and in-lab lead test kits offer peace of mind by ensuring your drinking water is free from lead hazards. Protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of lead exposure by shopping now and incorporating lead testing into your home safety routine.

Lead Test Kits

Radon Gas Test Kit – Premium: Safeguarding Against Silent Intrusion

Radon, a silent and hazardous intruder, can invade homes, posing severe health risks as the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Safe Home® introduces the Radon Gas Test Kit at $14.95, designed to protect your well-being from this invisible menace.

Our Premium Radon Test Kits provide precise and reliable results and are equipped with essential supplies for hassle-free sample collection. The user-friendly process ensures that anyone can perform the test easily. Once your sample reaches our NRPP-certified lab, adhering to EPA-approved methods, we take care of the rest.

Trust our expertise, valued by homeowners, contractors, and home inspectors, as our lab maintains NRPP certification in all 50 states for radon testing. Choosing us ensures a seamless experience with text and email notifications, an online certified report, and free professional support throughout and after testing.

For a modest lab fee of $20 per sample, conveniently paid online, you invest in your family’s health. Don’t let radon jeopardize your well-being; take proactive steps with Safe Home’s Radon Gas Test Kits. Your safety is our top priority.

Radon Gas Test Kit

Pool & Spa Test Kits: Maintain Crystal-Clear Water Quality

Keep your Pool & Spa water pristine with Safe Home’s Pool & Spa Test kits, priced at $12.99 for a 50-strip kit. Designed for at-home use, these user-friendly DIY test strips simplify the process of maintaining the perfect water balance for your aquatic oasis.

A single dip with our innovative test strips swiftly and precisely assesses your water’s condition, ensuring your pool or spa remains a haven of relaxation and enjoyment. Our strips empower you to maintain a harmonious water environment by covering critical parameters such as Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid. Our “Don’t guess…TEST!” mantra helps you remove doubt and take charge of your private paradise at home.

Easy to use and quick to deliver results, these test strips enable you to detect imbalances effortlessly, promoting a proactive approach to maintaining optimum conditions. With 50 tests for each of the six parameters, our kit provides an extensive supply for an extended period, making pool and spa maintenance hassle-free.

Please note that these test strips are not intended for use in saltwater pools or spas. However, for freshwater pools and spas, Safe Home® is committed to making maintenance accessible and efficient. Invest in Safe Home’s Pool & Spa Water Test Strips for elite testing and maintain the ideal water balance. Experience the joy of clean, clear pool water today with Safe Home®.

Pool & Spa Test kits

Pet Test Kits: Extend Care to Your Furry Friends

Bring your furry companions extra love and care with Safe Home’s Pet Test Kits. Our at-home test kits cover aquariums, fishponds, and water used by domestic land animals, from dogs to horses. Ensure your pets access safe and clean water by regularly testing for potential contaminants. Shop now to extend your care to your pets and contribute to their overall health and well-being. Safe Home’s Pet Test Kits provide a simple and effective way to ensure your animals thrive in a healthy environment.

Pet Test Kits


Safe Home® Test Kits serve as indispensable tools for homeowners seeking to ensure the safety and quality of their living spaces. From the water you drink to the air you breathe and the spaces your pets inhabit, these kits offer accessible and accurate solutions. Whether you opt for the convenience of at-home testing or the precision of in-lab services, Safe Home® provides the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and take proactive measures. Investing in these test kits is an investment in the well-being of your home, family, and beloved pets—ultimately fostering a safer and healthier living environment.

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