Mold Test Kit – (WE TEST AT-LAB) – Premium


Safe Home® Premium Mold Test Kit: Detect Mold with Confidence Our Safe Home® Premium Mold Test Kit.

Equips you with everything you need for sample collection, convenient shipping, and comprehensive testing conducted by our accredited laboratory. Designed for use by homeowners, contractors, and home inspectors, this kit ensures accurate and reliable results. Our laboratory holds AIHA LAP, LLC accreditation in all 50 states for mold testing, meeting the rigorous requirements for home inspections, mortgage loans, and real estate closings. With our Premium Mold Test Kit, you can confidently identify and address mold issues to maintain a healthy living environment. Take control of mold detection with Safe Home®.

Lab Fee: 20.00/sample

  • Contains supplies for collecting up to 10 samples for mold testing.
  • Accredited in all 50 states.
  • Text and email notifications.
  • Online certified report.
  • Free professional support.
  • A lab fee of $20 per sample is paid online by the end-user for standard testing and reporting services.
  • Expanded profile analysis available

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