How Safe Home®
Test Kits Build Trust


“Business moves at the speed of trust.“

– Stephen Covey

Building TRUST: as you already know, it’s one of the smartest investments a business owner can make. When a healthy business takes the time to intentionally build trust with their clients, the business will nearly always experience growth. Water professionals who build and gain client trust are also ones who understand how to use Safe Home® test kits in their sales and design workflow. They experience growth because clients trust their process and the solutions they provide for them. But there’s only one problem…

How do you build trust with your clients using Safe Home® Test Kits?

  • Create value for someone before they ever become your client by promoting your business with an inexpensive DIY kit as a giveaway
  • Take the guess work out of treatment solution maintenance by packaging DIY kits with a new system – helps clients to identify component/filter end of life
  • Build confidence with your client through a data-driven design process – test before design to help them understand the guidance you’re providing
  • Show your client that you’re willing to invest in them by offering to deduct the cost of the test kit if they purchase a treatment solution
  • Give your client the peace of mind that comes from showing them the effectiveness of your design solution – pre and post testing gives your client hard data and validates your treatment solutio
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