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My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – (YOU TEST AT-HOME) – Deluxe


Designed for freshwater and saltwater habitats, this DIY aquarium water test kit empowers you to take control of your pet’s well-being from the comfort of your home.

Your fish’s happiness and health depend on the quality of their habitat, and this Deluxe Package offers a comprehensive testing solution that covers an impressive 20 different parameters, totaling 608 tests. We understand that different aquatic pets have unique needs, so we’ve curated essential parameter groups for their well-being.
With the My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – Deluxe, you can easily monitor vital factors such as total chlorine, nitrate, pH, nitrite, hardness, carbonate, and many more. This comprehensive approach ensures that you can make informed decisions about your pet’s habitat and adjust it as needed to provide the best care possible.
The Deluxe Package for these fishponds water testing kits includes tests for a wide range of parameters, including total chlorine, free chlorine, calcium, total hardness, salt content, total alkalinity, sulfate, pH, mercury, hex chrome, nitrate, nitrite, zinc, fluoride, lead, carbonate, ammonia (monitored through a 365-day sensor), iron, and temperature (monitored through a 365-day sensor). These tests are your key to creating and maintaining the optimal aquatic environment.
At Safe Home®, we believe in empowering pet owners to become the best caregivers possible. Our deluxe aquarium water test kit ensures that your aquatic pets live vibrant, healthy lives. From crystal-clear water to thriving fish, our kit makes it all possible. Upgrade your pet’s home today and experience the joy of a flourishing aquatic environment with our Deluxe Test Kit – the ultimate choice for dedicated pet owners.

Test Results: Expect your test results in seconds.

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  • DELUXE Testing Package for 20 Different Parameters 608 TOTAL TESTS:
  • Total Chlorine x 50 tests
  • Copper x 50 tests
  • Free Chlorine x 50 tests
  • Calcium x 50 tests
  • Total Hardness x 50 tests
  • Salt Content x 1 test
  • Total Alkalinity x 50 tests
  • Sulfate x 1 test
  • pH x 50 tests
  • Mercury x1 test
  • Nitrate x 50 tests
  • Hex Chrome x1 test
  • Nitrite x 50 tests
  • Zinc x1 test
  • Fluoride x 50 tests
  • Lead x1 test
  • Carbonate x 50 tests
  • Ammonia 365-day sensor
  • Iron x 50 tests
  • Temperature 365-day sensor

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