My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – (YOU TEST AT-HOME) – Deluxe


My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – Deluxe Designed to ensure your fish are happy and healthy. DIY kits accurately detect unbalanced parameter levels in both freshwater and saltwater habitats. With our expert scientists curating unique parameter groups, testing becomes vital for your aquatic pets’ well-being. Maintaining optimal water quality is key to sustaining their vibrant lives. The Deluxe Package offers comprehensive testing with 20 parameters and 608 tests, covering vital factors such as total chlorine, nitrate, pH, nitrite, hardness, and carbonate. Give your fish the best care and create a thriving aquatic environment with our deluxe testing solution.

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  • DELUXE Testing Package for 20 Different Parameters 608 TOTAL TESTS:
  • Total Chlorine x 50 tests
  • Copper x 50 tests
  • Free Chlorine x 50 tests
  • Calcium x 50 tests
  • Total Hardness x 50 tests
  • Salt Content x 1 test
  • Total Alkalinity x 50 tests
  • Sulfate x 1 test
  • pH x 50 tests
  • Mercury x1 test
  • Nitrate x 50 tests
  • Hex Chrome x1 test
  • Nitrite x 50 tests
  • Zinc x1 test
  • Fluoride x 50 tests
  • Lead x1 test
  • Carbonate x 50 tests
  • Ammonia 365-day sensor
  • Iron x 50 tests
  • Temperature 365-day sensor

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