My Pet Domestic Animals Water Quality Test Kit – (YOU TEST AT-HOME) – Basic


My Pet Domestic Animals Water Quality Test Kit – BASIC
Ensure your pet’s water is safe with DIY testing. This option is ideal for routine maintenance,
allowing you to screen for unsafe contamination levels. Test results are instant, enabling prompt
action if needed.
This deluxe DIY testing package provides approximate values for 12 parameters, giving you peace of
mind about your pet’s water quality.
Don’t guess, TEST!® Is your pet’s water safe?
Pets and livestock rely on clean drinking water to support vital bodily functions. High levels of
contaminants can harm their organs. Testing is the only way to detect unsafe contamination. Provide
them with continuous access to clean water for a healthier, happier life. Safe Home test kits are
designed for freshwater sources like well water, rainwater, pond water, municipal water, filtered
water, bottled water, spring water, lake water, and river water.
    • BASIC Testing Package for 12 Different Parameters 120 TOTAL TESTS:
    • T.Chlorine x 10 tests
    • Nitrite x 10 tests
    • F. Chlorine x 10 tests
    • Fluoride x 10 tests
    • Hardness x 10 tests
    • Carbonate x 10 tests
    • Alkalinity x 10 tests
    • Iron x 10 tests
    • pH x 10 tests
  • Copper x 10 tests
  • Nitrate x 10 tests
  • Calcium x 10 tests
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

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