Lead in Drinking Water Test Kit – (WE TEST AT-LAB)


Introducing the Safe Home Lead Drinking Water Test Kit, your trusted solution for testing lead levels in your drinking water. With certified lab testing and comprehensive analysis, you can ensure the safety of your water supply.

Certified Lab Testing for Total Lead: Our kit includes two lead tests per kit, providing 2-in-1 testing for lead in your water supply and from your plumbing fixtures. We go beyond testing for dissolved lead alone and provide a complete assessment of both dissolved lead and solid lead, resulting in 100% total lead analysis. Don’t settle for home test kits that only cover part of the picture.

With Safe Home Lead, you can make informed decisions based on comprehensive results. We not only detect lead, but we also identify the source of the lead, whether it’s from your fixtures and plumbing or your actual water supply.

Free Return Shipping: We value your convenience and provide free return shipping for your water sample. Simply follow the instructions provided, package your sample securely, and send it back to our laboratory at no additional cost. Quick Turn-Around-Time: Expect your test results to be emailed to you within a few business days. Please note that business days do not include the time it takes for your water sample to reach our lab, weekends, or holidays.

Lab Fee: Included in Purchase

Return Shipping: Included Free

  •  Laboratory Certified Testing for LEAD: A set of Water Quality Test Vials to allow you to test for lead in two water samples, is inside of each package.
  • We also provide you with a Return Mailer, FREE! We make testing for lead easy.
  • Your Certified Lab Testing is paid for, with your price of purchase.
  • Fill the vials with your water sample, fill-out the paper-work, place these items in the Free Return Mailer, drop it in your mailbox and receive your report by email. It’s that simple!
  • All drinking water test kits are not created equal.
  • When you buy from EnviroTestKits®, you are purchasing the very best value in accuracy and dependability for your family’s drinking water safety.
  • This test kit is safe, easy to use and provides accurate results in 24 hours*. (*Speed of results may very.)
  • In this kit we test for: LEAD (in two water samples) Maximum Contamination Limits {MCL’s} are set by the EPA for human consumption.
  • Our certified laboratory testing provides the required accuracy to confirm if your water exceeds the Federal MCL’s.
  • Your results are emailed to you in just a few days.
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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