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Get Peace of Mind With SafeHomeTestKits, The Best Provider Of DIY And In-Lab Test Kits!

SafeHomeTestKits offers a wide selection of DIY test kits and in-lab tests for at-home testing. Our test kits provide accurate, reliable results that are easy to understand – giving you peace of mind. Whether you’re testing for allergies, mold, mildew or water contaminants, SafeHomeTestKits can provide the right test to suit your needs.

Our Test Kits

At SafeHomeTestKits, we provide a comprehensive suite of test kits designed to monitor various aspects of your environment, including:

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Drinking Water test kit By Safe home

Drinking Water Test Kits

Ensure your drinking water is free from contaminants and dangerous substances like lead, bacteria, and chemicals. Our water test kits are simple to use and provide quick, reliable results.

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Mold water Test Kits

Test Kits

Detect the presence of mold in your home or workplace and minimize the risk of respiratory issues and structural damage. Our mold test kits are user-friendly and provide accurate results.
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Pb lead

Test Kits

Detect and prevent lead exposure in your home with our lead test kits. Check paint, dust, and water sources for the presence of lead to keep your health and safety in check.

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Test Kits

Protect your indoor environment from the harmful effects of radon gas. Our radon test kits are designed for ease of use and deliver precise results to help you take the necessary remediation measures.
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Pool & Spa Test Kits

Pool & Spa
Test Kits

Maintain a safe, clean, and enjoyable swimming experience with our pool & spa test kits. Routinely test water quality, pH balance, and sanitizer levels to keep your pool or spa sparkling and germ-free.
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Pet test kits

Test Kits

Safeguard the health of your furry (or scaly) companions with our pet test kits. Monitor water quality in aquariums and fishponds, and ensure their habitats are safe and stress-free.

Shop Our Kits

Choose from two different types of test kits based on your preference:

You Test It

For those who prefer to get immediate results, choose from our range of DIY test kits that you can use at your convenience.

we-test by Safe home

We Test It

If you prefer professional lab analysis, our DIY Lab test kits include the needed components to collect samples, which you can then send to our accredited labs for precise testing.



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